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Acrobats are people who know how to perfectly feel and control their body in space. If we compare the human body with an airplane, then an acrobat is a piloting ace who can perform ten dead loops in a row at extremely low altitude, fly sideways under a power line and then gently land exactly near the desired flag. 
There are several types of acrobatics:
Jumping - it includes acrobatic jumps on a 30-meter-long track: flak, rondad, somersault, etc. A very effective and spectacular discipline, designed primarily for the development of dexterity. Even the simplest jumping tricks will help your child become a real star of the school! 
Pair-group is a power type of acrobatics. Have you ever seen in a circus how a handsome strongman, similar to Apollo, does a stand on one hand on the head of another equally handsome man? Or when a group of girls line up in a high tower, leaning on each other. At such moments, spectators in the stands usually forget how to breathe. 
If you want your son to grow up strong and agile, and your daughter to become a slender beauty with a chiseled figure, so that your children gain self-confidence, respect from peers and strengthen their health, then the sports acrobatics section is the best choice for you!
Once a child shows a real flip to his classmates, he will immediately become a real star of the school. Surely you yourself once dreamed of such a thing, so let this dream come true at least for your child)
The AURA OF VICTORIES Academy of Sports and Dance conducts a set of children from 3 to 6 years old in preparatory groups for further admission to state specialized sports schools of sports acrobatics.
Also boys and girls from 6 to 12 years old in amateur groups in sports acrobatics.
Classes are taught by professional coaches, masters of sports of international level and circus performers.
We are recruiting boys and girls from 3 years and older.
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