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Difficulties make us stronger - we have seen this from our own experience. During the acute period of the pandemic, when a ban on visiting any educational institutions was introduced, many gave up. We have mastered the technology of distance learning and transferred all classes online. Our athletes not only did not lose their shape during the long period of self-isolation, but even improved their performance. 
Quarantine helped us expand our borders, gave us new experience, and now, even after lifting the bans on classes in the gym, we continue to teach children all over Russia online. 
Online training for children and adults
- it's like extra classes with a tutor. They are designed to pump the weak points of an athlete and are an excellent help for basic training. 
For example, a girl does gymnastics in another city and dreams of getting into the main team of her club, but for this she does not have enough stretching or jumping height. All these shortcomings can be eliminated independently at home - it is enough just to work out the necessary muscle groups and joints under the supervision of a competent trainer. A few weeks of additional classes online, and now at the next review, the athlete is approved for the main team.
But we train not only non-children. The AURA OF VICTORIES also has an online adult direction, which is intended for girls and women of any age and any level of training.
If you want to get rid of excess weight and pump up the body, get rid of stiffness in the back, lower back pain, heaviness in the legs and achieve tangible results in stretching - we will select a program for any need.
You can choose a convenient mode for yourself:
- comfortable, 2 times a week - if you want to keep your muscles in good shape to maintain and gradually improve your current shape;
- intensive, 3 times a week - for those who strive for a noticeable improvement in physical performance and want to quickly get rid of excess weight.
Classes are conducted not by simple instructors of fitness clubs, but by professional gymnastics, acrobatics and choreographers who develop unique programs specifically for this direction.   
The effect is felt after the first lesson - nerve and muscle blocks are removed, the blood is saturated with oxygen, the whole body is toned.
After a couple of weeks, you will feel strength in your muscles, forget about drowsiness, shortness of breath will disappear.

And after a month of regular training, the percentage of subcutaneous fat will noticeably decrease, and you will see the results in the mirror - the figure will tighten, the buttocks will be rounded. Be prepared to accept a lot of compliments from others. 

Online classes for girls from 5 years and older, as well as for girls and women with any level of training.
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