Direction Stretching + strength 16+

Stretching + strength 16+

Stretching + strength is a unique system of stretching the muscles of the whole body with elements of strength exercises. Professional athletes use it as a warm-up before serious loads, but we have improved it and adapted it for people with any level of training.
The main advantage of this direction is the rapid achievement of a visible external effect and well-being!
In one workout, you will work out all the muscles, ligaments and joints, remove nerve and muscle blocks, and tone up the body. The result is no stiffness of movements and pain in the spine, which means a beautiful posture and a light gait from the hip.
After two weeks of classes, the healing processes in the body are activated: the work of blood vessels, the cardio-respiratory system will improve, aging will slow down. Blood flow in the pelvic organs is stimulated, which is very important for women's health. Also, systematic classes have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.
After a month of regular classes, changes in the body will affect the appearance and figure: subcutaneous fat reserves will begin to be actively burned, the body will acquire a beautiful natural relief, buttocks and thighs will tighten. After the muscle tone, the skin will become toned, and first of all in those areas that bother you the most.
And of course, you will learn to sit on the splits, and the overall flexibility and plasticity will increase by an order of magnitude.
The intensity of the loads is adjusted individually depending on the level of your physical fitness. Classes are conducted by professional gymnastics coaches.
We invite girls and women with any level of physical fitness. 
It doesn't matter if you are entering the gym for the first time or have a rich sports experience behind you - the intensity of the loads will be selected individually for everyone!
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