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About the Academy

Academy of Sports and Dance "AURA OF VICTORIES"

- this is a place where more than a thousand children learn sports and dance disciplines every day and strengthen their health. The academy's training bases are located in all districts of the city of Krasnodar (Krasnodar Territory), in the city of Elista (Republic of Kalmykia) and the village of Yablonovsky (Republic of Adygea), although classes are held not only in halls, but also online.


During the period of self-isolation, we have mastered distance learning technologies to perfection, expanded our borders and now teach children all over Russia.





Our main directions:

Sports acrobatics

Aesthetic gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics

Classical choreography


Stretching+strength 16+

Online direction

About us About the Academy

In order for the mothers of our pupils to keep up with their athletic children, we conduct group classes for adults. There is also a rehabilitation center and groups for children with disabilities.

Our athletes regularly perform at regional and All-Russian competitions, travel a lot, expanding their horizons and replenishing their collection of souvenirs from various parts of the country, and every summer they participate in sports camps that traditionally take place on the Black Sea coast.

We do everything possible to make children look forward to every workout and get satisfaction from the growth of their sports results. Our goal is to discover leadership qualities in them, teach them to work in a team and build sustainable communication with peers. And of course we teach children to win. But it's not even about sporting achievements. Medals, ranks and titles are just a bonus, an incentive for interest. The most important victories are over yourself, your fears, insecurity and laziness. They can be big and small, modest and ambitious, personal or team, easy or hard-won. But each of them makes the child stronger and leads to the next victory.

Come to a free trial session. At least just out of interest. After all, our life path is determined not by long-term plans and forecasts, but by such small spontaneous decisions.

The Academy of Sports and Dance conducts recruitment of children and adults:

  • Girls 3-6 years old in sports and wellness groups in aesthetic and rhythmic gymnastics
  • Girls 6 years old and younger in the sports and dance direction
  • Girls 4-7 years old for classical choreography classes
  • Girls from 6 years and older with gymnastic, choreographic training in sports groups
  • Boys and girls 3.5-6 years old in preparatory groups for sports acrobatics
  • Boys and girls 6-12 years old in amateur acrobatics groups
  • Girls and women of any age to classes from AURA STRETCHING CLUB
  • Personal flexibility training (stretching) for girls and girls, as well as for boys involved in various sports
Professionals Our coaches

Academy staff

The team consists of qualified professionals and masters of sports of international level. They have an exciting sporting path and experience of participating in famous circus shows. Professional development courses, master classes and seminars are held annually for coaches, where we exchange experience with colleagues from all over Russia in order to keep abreast of current trends in sports and transfer this experience and knowledge to our students.

Lutsenko Olga Vasilyevna
Head<br> Senior Coach
Belenkova Yulia Nikolaevna
Deputy Head of Customer and Human Resources
Sokolova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
Head of the Department of Aesthetic Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics
Sivolap Anna Vitalievna
An instructor in adaptive physical education. Assistant Manager
Ionkina Ekaterina Sergeevna
Academy Manager
Buga Elena Vasilievna
Deputy Head
Volostnykh Maria Valeryevna
Choreographer-director. Senior Coach
Burlakova Irina Alekseevna
Senior Coach
Burlakov Igor Vladimirovich
Senior Coach
Tchaikovsky Elizaveta Dmitrievna
Choreographer. Senior Coach
Chernaya Alina Konstantinovna
Senior Coach
Lukashova Tamara Vladimirovna
Senior Coach
Ezhova Anastasia Valeryevna
Senior Coach
Kovaleva Nadezhda Sergeevna
Choreographer-director. Senior Coach
Petlina Irina Igorevna
Senior Coach
Queen Valeria Pavlovna
Senior Coach
Komogortseva Kristina Alexandrovna
Senior Coach
Shipitsyna Polina Viktorovna
Senior Coach
Lyusaya Alina Yurievna
Senior Coach
Borisova Alyona Sergeevna
Senior Coach
Kudashev Vasily Vladimirovich
Emelyanova Alice Georgievna
Efimenko Alina Sergeevna
Solod Victoria Evgenievna
Dmitrieva Ruslana Vladimirovna
Firyan Ilona Tigranovna
Ivanova Kristina Vyacheslavovna
Ryazantseva Dana Romanovna
Tarakanova Ekaterina Igorevna
Shulikina Valeria Dmitrievna
Voitenko Elena Mikhailovna
Tronev Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich
Chernyshova Liliya Denisovna
Mogutova Olga Andreevna
Shakhbazyan Anastasia Sergeevna
Choreographer. Coach
Guseva Natalia Alexandrovna
Tarakanova Olga Vasilyevna
Maryina Anna Yurievna
Shubnikova Tatyana Vasilievna
Rychkova Anastasia Ilyinichna
Ryabova Ksenia Vladimirovna
Mikhitarova Natalia Yurievna
Our mission Our principles

Our mission is:

in popularizing the values of sports, physical culture and a healthy lifestyle!

WE are bringing up a new generation of champions who will glorify their hometown and country on the world stage.

WE strive to make sports and dancing universally accessible.

WE reach the top based on our experience and passion for sports - which makes the world around us better and allows us to improve ourselves.

Principles of our employees:
  • Be open.
  • Interact.
  • Pass on your experience.
  • Strive for perfection.
  • Create the future.

THE ACADEMY OF SPORTS AND DANCE "AURA OF VICTORIES" is beauty and health, grace and strength, flexibility and perseverance.

We see our goal in improving the quality of your life!

This is just the beginning Parents

Every parent dreams

so that his daughter would grow up to be a graceful and slender girl, and his son would become a strong, brave and agile boy. Everyone wants their children to find real friends, not to hang around aimlessly on the streets, but to develop comprehensively and live an interesting busy life.

We have already fulfilled this dream for hundreds of parents, and this is just the beginning!

For the first visit it is necessary:

  • Sports uniform (swimsuit or shorts, leggings, T-shirt).
  • White socks.
  • Girls put their hair in a neat bun.
  • A bottle of drinking water.
  • Approach 10-15 minutes before the start of the class.


от 2000 рублей в месяц.
by districts Schedule of classes

Schedule of classes

About us Reviews

What do they say about the academy?

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Thank you for your feedback!
Anastasia Buturlina

We have been working at the AURA club for several years. We are very glad that fate has brought us here. You can see how much our coaches love gymnastics and live by it, instilling this love in girls! They treat every child with understanding and interest. This is not the club where children just do gymnastics , this is the club where gymnasts are born!!!

Natalia Gerasimova

Our daughter has been studying at the Aura club for 2.5 years. My daughter really likes it, the child has hobbies, goals and teammates. Our coaches are super, I bow low to them for their patience and strength, they treat the kids well, they can "stick and carrot", in a word, they work conscientiously, there is something to compare with! Therefore, if you think it's worth it or not to give it to Nauru, then you can be sure it's worth it! And another pleasant moment, the Aura club is like one big family, now everyone is for each other! I am very glad that one day I came across an ad about recruiting a group, and I certainly do not regret that I gave my daughter into the hands of professionals!


Our children live gymnastics together with our coaches. They play "Olga Vasilyevna and Alyona Sergeevna", copy their intonations and words to our family, scold dad, chewing a sandwich at night looking, move around the house with wheels and coups, then "gallop-dash-touching", watch cartoons in splits - gymnastics is everywhere! Thanks to the coaches for their attention to each child!!! And even every parent is given time. The club is growing and developing, which is very nice. We wish good luck to all the athletes and coaches of the club!!


Thanks to Aura, everything was fine, but alas, it was time to say goodbye, the differences between the coach and the child led to the departure from this Academy. But the love for the gymnast still remained, we will go further. Unfortunately, there was a negative opinion.


Popular questions and answers

At what age can I start studying?
The Academy opens its doors to children from three years old. At the initial stage of preparation, classes are held mainly in the form of a game. Kids learn to walk, breathe, keep their posture, jump and run correctly. Exciting adventures await the children at each lesson. They will find themselves in a variety of situations where they will need to crawl under a bridge, cross a fast river, overcome dangerous jungles surrounded by wild animals or swim across a stormy ocean on their beautiful and slender boat. This is the period when we meet and fall in love with each other. At this stage, the coach is already secretly conducting his selection work, determining the strengths of the children. Next, the kid will be asked to join a sports or dance group. This will depend on the individual predisposition of each individual child. Discovering the world of sports, we carefully look at which of the proposed areas it will be most successful in the future. But even here there can be a variety of options that are discussed in detail with parents and teachers. This is the most important stage in the formation of a future athlete, where not only the sports base is laid, but also personal qualities. And then, having distributed our stars in the right trailers, we begin targeted work according to our personal methods, programs and practices, competently distributing the load, defining goals and objectives individually for each age group.
Do I need preliminary sports training?
If we are talking about amateur groups and initial training groups, then sports training is not required. We will achieve everything together! But when you are selected for active sports groups or teams, good gymnastic training will be your unconditional advantage!
Does excess weight matter?
No, we accept children with any level of physical development, and excess weight in children is quite common. Yes, it negatively affects the performance of many gymnastic and acrobatic elements, besides it is an additional load on the heart, blood vessels and joints. But we are able to successfully fight this "enemy of modernity" without harming the child's body! Our task is to develop and strengthen the physical health of the child, and not to ruin it. During the training process, the child receives systematic physical activity with a gradual increase in their intensity. Plus, we pay great attention to the food culture of our students, conduct introductory conversations about the role of proper nutrition and monitor the personal parameters of each athlete. With this approach, the weight, as a rule, returns to normal very quickly!
What do I need for a trial session?
Pre-registration is required. You need to come to the training 10-15 minutes before the start of the class. Bring a sports uniform (swimsuit or shorts, leggings, T-shirt) and white socks. Girls put their hair in a neat bun. Take a bottle of drinking water with you.
Are parents allowed to be present during training sessions?
We understand how parents want to enjoy the success of their child, so we regularly hold open lessons, intra-club competitions, presentations of new compositions and reporting concerts. But during a standard workout, only a child and a coach are in the gym, no one else is allowed! There are a number of reasonable reasons for this decision.
How is the safety of classes ensured?
The issue of children's safety is a priority for us. We strictly observe the sanitary regime of training bases, regularly carry out general cleaning with antibacterial carpet treatment. The modes of air conditioning, ventilation and ventilation of halls allow you to maintain a comfortable indoor climate so that children do not overheat during exercise, but also do not train in the cold. Children are engaged in a uniform form that meets all the requirements of this sport, which is also important with the proper organization of the training process. Training bases are located in residential areas of the city, which minimizes the risks associated with long and dangerous trips to training. The halls themselves are equipped with high-quality modern equipment and equipment and have enough space for safe performance of sports exercises. Several teams can study together in the same hall without interfering or jostling each other. All trainers are required to undergo safety and first aid briefings once a quarter. Gyms are equipped with first aid kits, where there is everything you need to provide first aid in a timely and high-quality manner. Parents, when concluding contracts with the academy, fill out an additional questionnaire, where they indicate all the subtleties and nuances related to their child's health, which the coach must necessarily know. And the most important thing in matters of safety is the constant monitoring of the trainer for the correct performance of exercises. The coach does not just show himself how to perform this or that element, but also accompanies the child at every stage of mastering this element.
Who are the coaches?
Our entire coaching staff is not just successful athletes in the past and masters of sports. These are certified specialists in physical culture and sports - professional teachers who have extensive experience working with children, love and know their work. Among them there are many masters of sports of international level, world champions in gymnastics and acrobatics. You can learn more about the diplomas and sports regalia of each coach in the ACADEMY STAFF section.
What are the club's results?
The most important result of our work is beautiful, healthy, flexible, athletic and happy children! Our task is to form not just a productive athlete over the years of training, but also to educate a good person, a self-sufficient social unit that can further develop in life, easily overcoming all the difficulties that may occur along the way. Sports endows children with a whole set of important and necessary qualities, such as internal discipline, determination, patience, high concentration of attention, readiness for mutual assistance and mutual assistance, responsibility, stress tolerance, the ability to be part of a team. Our students are individuals, big and small, and everyone has their own opinion, character, and active life position. Speaking exclusively about sports results, despite the young age of the academy, there are already many awards of various merits in the piggy bank of our organization. Since 2016, children have defended the honor and name of the academy at competitions throughout Russia and even abroad, showing high results. Our girls have already successfully performed CMS and MS. The club is young, but it is actively growing and confidently developing in all directions, whether it is artistic or aesthetic gymnastics, acrobatics or dancing. And this is just the beginning! Each of our sets has a galaxy of talented and hardworking guys, together with whom we are heading for the highest sports categories and achievements. We do not hide anything from you, we always share everything We share the results of all competitions attended by our athletes in all available social networks, without hiding anything. Therefore, subscribe to our accounts so that you can always share with us the joy of bright victories!


Во все времена деловые, предприимчивые люди стремились не только добиться материального успеха, но и оставить свой след в истории города, края, страны, запомниться добрыми делами!
В ответ на спонсорскую финансовую поддержку мы обязуемся:
1. Размещать рекламу вашего предприятия на информационных стендах наших спортивных баз во всех районах города Краснодара. Реклама будет доступна для широкой аудитории – сотни родителей ежедневно приводят детей на тренировки, а спортивные мероприятия, регулярно организуемые академией спорта и танца «АУРА ПОБЕД», собирают полные зрительские трибуны и освещаются в СМИ по всей России.
2. Указывать информацию о спонсорах на всех печатных и раздаточных материалах, упоминать их в пресс-релизах и пост-релизах, а также размещать логотип спонсора на экипировках спортсменов. 
3. Предоставлять полную информацию о всех мероприятиях, проводимых академией спорта и танца «АУРА ПОБЕД». Спонсоры автоматически становятся официальными партнёрами этих мероприятий.
4. Предоставить генеральному спонсору возможность вручения призов победителям соревнований.
5. Организовывать показательные выступления спортсменов на ваших мероприятиях.
6. Способствовать продвижению бренда вашей компании среди потенциальных покупателей и поддержанию доброй репутации вашего предприятия.
7. Указать на сайте названия компаний и имена частных лиц, которые являются нашими спонсорами. При желании помощь может быть анонимной.
Вы можете быть уверены, что каждый рубль ваших благотворительных пожертвований пойдет на благое дело и поможет нашим детям вырасти достойными спортсменами, гордостью страны. Вы становитесь спонсорами будущих чемпионов.
С уважением к вам и вашей деятельности, администрация академии спорта и танца “АУРА ПОБЕД”.
Контактное лицо по вопросам партнёрского и спонсорского сотрудничества:
Тел.: +7 988-527-65-26, +7 (918) 975-76-69 и почта:
Our addresses Our addresses

How to find us?

The current addresses of the training halls of the Academy of Sports and Dance "AURA of VICTORIES":

The entire list of addresses
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ОГРНИП 319237500388659

Номер счёта: 40802810326280001862


ИНН: 231524019291


БИК: 046015207

Кор. счёт: 30101810500000000207

Юридический адрес компании: им Петра Метальникова, д. 5, корп./ст. 3, кв./оф. 108, Краснодарский край, г. Краснодар

We are
KMR, PMR, ZIP, GMR, FMR, Vostochno-Kruglikovskaya, ENKA, KKB, HUMR, the village of Yablonovsky, G.ELISTA,
+7 (988) 527-65-26